pettydesign | London2012 | Olympic rings
I was lucky enough this year to be in Europe during the 2012 Olympic Games in London. I managed to have a one week holiday in London in my recent move between Munich, Germany and New Haven, Connecticut. Within the last few weeks leading up to the Summer Games, I was able to get a few tickets for the Olympic Park itself, as well as two events: Women’s Field Hockey and Women’s Handball. The games themselves were fantastic, and the park was very impressive.

pettydesign | London2012 | Tower Bridge
The entire city was ready for the games, most noticeably Tower Bridge with the Olympic Rings!

pettydesign | London2012 | Houses of Parliment
There were little Olympic guys all over the city. Each one was painted to fit within the context of it’s location. This one was the cutest and well done.

pettydesign | London2012 | Street Course
I was able to walk on the running/riding track near the end of the course, next to Buckingham Palace.

pettydesign | London2012 | Olympic Graffiti
There was a lot of graffiti around London concerning the Olympic Games. Some positive and many negative. This was by far the best one I had seen.

pettydesign | London2012 | Olympic Park
Olympic Park.

pettydesign | London2012 | Olympic Stadium
I liked the little reveal of colour the stadium was giving.

pettydesign | London2012 | The Orbit
Underneath The Orbit.

pettydesign | London2012 | Basketball Arena
The basketball arena was much more impressive than I thought it would be. As a friend of mine put it, “it looks like Wolverine got trapped in a box!”

pettydesign | London2012 | The Copper Box with RUN
One of the many art instillations around the park.

pettydesign | London2012 | Swimming Facility
The swimming/diving stadium by Zaha Hadid was much more impressive by night. The extensions during the day just appear too dated.

pettydesign | London2012 | Art Thing
This art instillation was another example of the Olympic Park playing with lighting effects at night.

pettydesign | London2012 | Lanes of Human Traffic
The entrance/exit corridor was very well planned for high amounts of traffic. It was like being in a freeway system which distributed the people well into the direction they wished to go.

pettydesign | London2012 | Athletic Apartments
I really loved how each balcony was decorated with the flag of the occupant’s nationality! Even better was that the Germans were given prime flat locations!

pettydesign | London2012 | Olympic Park Gardens
The wild growth of the park was very impressive and took the attention of many visitors.

pettydesign | London2012 | Olympic Park Public Viewing
The large public viewing area was very popular and useful to catch up on the other games during the day. I do wish that there were several other screens so we could watch all the events at one time.

pettydesign | London2012 | Field Hockey Stadium
Field Hockey Stadium.

pettydesign | London2012 | Women's Field Hockey | Team GB vs Japan
Great Britain vs Japan
Team GB wins the game 4-0 and goes on to eventually win the Olympic Bronze Medal.

London2012 // Team GB vs Japan Women’s Field Hockey from James Petty on Vimeo.

pettydesign | London2012 | Women's Field Hockey | Team USA
Team USA preparing for a penalty shot vs Germany. Germany would go on to win the game 2-1.

pettydesign | London2012 | Handball | The Copper Box | Norway vs Korea
Handball Arena.
Norway vs Korea.
Norway would come from behind and win the match and eventually the Olympic Gold Medal.

pettydesign | London2012 | Handball | The Copper Box | Angola vs Montenegro
Angola vs Montenegro
Montenegro would win the match and eventually win the Olympic Bronze Medal.

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