I absolutely love the idea of guerrilla urbanism. Walk Raleigh started one January night when a few friends put together 27 directional signs around town giving pedestrians information on different points of interest that they may have otherwise not considered walking towards. Since their efforts a few months ago, the Walk Raleigh organization has caught the attention of many news sources and grown local support. Their goal is to positively influence public perception of what is in their area, and to help encourage them to use their feet as a mobility tool rather than their automobile.

They have recently successfully completed a Kickstarter project which will create an online tool for users to create their own signs and take part in “Guerrilla Wayfinding” in their hometown. I think this is a fantastic program and I really hope it takes off all over America.

For further information, please visit the Walk Raleigh Facebook Page.

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James Petty is an American architect experiencing and contributing to the Yale School of Architecture.