“If you go to sleep, you might miss the opportunities to be successful.”


I first heard this speech from Eric Church (The Hip Hop Preacher) to the background of Explosions in the Sky a few months ago. It is one of the most amazing speeches I had ever heard. Compiled with the music, it is incredible. I have downloaded the mp3 version and listened to it quite a few times since then. This is motivation at it’s finest. Please check out some of Eric’s other work on his website:

This video was made around East Carolina’s running back from a few years ago, Giavanni Ruffin. As a Houston Cougar alumni, I hate East Carolina. But I have to give this kid some respect. His hard work paid off against the Cougars in 2009. He scored 2 touchdowns (including East Carolina’s final in the 4th quarter) against Houston in the 2009 Conference USA Championship game where East Carolina beat #21 ranked Houston 38-32. Giavanni wanted success and he made it happen. Make your success.

“When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breath, then you will be successful.”

After you have absorbed that. Take in part 2. Remember that there are “No Days Off.”

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