James Petty Kindergarten Graduation | pettydesign

What are you going to do with it?”

When approaching the commencement of a student’s education, many students of “typical” degrees are often fronted with the same question. “What are you going to do with it [psychology, history, latin degrees and so on] ?” Why is it that no one asks people of architecture schools what they will do with their degrees? Many students of architecture go on to do many different things that do with design, or even life in general. A good friend of mine is perhaps leaving the architecture field to go into carpentry. I was discussing this with a carpenter in Denmark last weekend and he made the comment “so your friend is going backwards?” I took that as an insult. Why is it that it’s seen as necessary that we must be responsible for the communication of fabricating buildings? Why can’t society look at recent architecture grads as they do recent philosophy grads? Are we not the same?

*yes thats me. its of my kindergarten graduation. first graduation of many. always a smile.

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James Petty is an American architect experiencing and contributing to the Yale School of Architecture.